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Move beyond trends, buzzwords, and one-off ideas and instead anchor your marketing efforts in a proven, successful strategy that works.

Attorney Sluice – Strategy Session

30 min – Video or Phone Call

If a video call is requested, details will be provided upon confirmation.
What your strategy session will be focused on:
  • In-Depth Digital Presence Analysis: Discover how your current online footprint measures up and how to enhance it.
  • Competitor Analysis: Uncover what your competitors are doing and how to outperform them.
  • Branding & Conversions Analysis: Understand how to not just attract traffic, but convert it into paying clients.
  • Expert Second Opinion: Get a fresh perspective on your current marketing strategies and their effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive Q&A: Receive personalized answers to your questions, offering clarity and strategic direction for your law firm’s digital marketing efforts.

Who Will Run Your Strategy Session?

Meet your consultant, Chris Rossi

We understand that your time is extremely valuable, and accordingly will not waste it having you talk to a salesperson or junior account manager.

Your 30 minute strategy session will be with the most experienced legal marketer at Attorney Sluice.

Chris is a legal marketing consultant with 13 years of hands on experience in legal digital marketing. He is Google Ads Certified and has managed over $5 million in Google Ads spend over the past 5 years.

Chris’s approach to marketing law firms is grounded in traditional marketing fundamentals, which still very much apply and work today. He possesses a unique talent for seamlessly integrating these long proven techniques with modern digital marketing tools to deliver an enhanced online presence and measurable results for his clients.

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If Not a Sales Call, Then Why Is It Free?

Short Answer: We are interested in making connections and building partnerships with attorneys and law firms, regardless of if they become clients of ours or not.

Our mission is to help great attorneys build the law firm of their dreams. We do this by getting them found online while also ensuring they stand out from their competitors, making them the clear choice to prospective clients.

And while we might not be for everyone, we know that our approach works. We’ve tested, perfected, and proven that we can replicate its success for attorneys in different markets across the U.S.

So if our services are a good fit for you, that’s great! If not, we’re still happy to share our knowledge with you and help in anyway we can.


Why Book a Strategy Session?

If you’re an attorney or part of a law firm wanting to get more of your ideal clients – then this strategy session is for you.

We can help you:

  • Get more visibility on search engines.
  • Convert more website visitors to clients.
  • Reduce cost per client acquisition.
  • Improve & track your marketing ROI.
  • Outperform your competition and dominate your market.

See What Our Clients Have to Say…


“Chris has gone above and beyond with his communication with me and with coming up with successful strategies to get me more clients. He definitely knows what he is doing and I owe much of my success to Attorney Sluice.”

Michael Larsen


“I’ve worked with Chris exclusively and he’s done a phenomenal job handling my website and marketing. I had used other companies prior to Attorney Sluice, and since working with Chris, I’ve never looked back.”

Eric Grogan

"They built my website and started doing the marketing and before long, I'd say within weeks to a month I had more phone calls than I knew what to do with. I've got appointments coming left and right. Easily the investment that I'm making is paying for itself 5 or 6 times over. It has been worth every penny."

Glenn GodfreyAttorney